Mariners House

Boston Port & Seamen's Aid Society

The Boston Port and Seamen's Aid Society was founded in 1829 under the guidance of Father Edward Thompson Taylor, known as the "Sailor Preacher" in Boston's historic North Square. It's mission from the beginning has been to "improve the moral, religious and general condition of seamen and their families; to offer aid and encouragement to the poor and industrious seamen; and to promote the education of seamen's children" as written in the language of the day. While some of the wording may have changed to stay in step with the times, the mission of Mariners House remains the same.

Mariners House was founded in 1847 by the managers of the Boston Port and Seamen's Aid Society, and for over 175 years, it has provided hospitality and guidance to the professional mariner. Mariners House acomplishes its mission by:

• Serving complimentary daily breakfast, and lunch and dinner upon advanced request.
• Ensuring all seafarers' spiritual needs are served, via the New England Maritime Ministry Association
• Hosting education classes for today's active and tomorrow's future seafarers
• Funding annual grants and scholarships to seafarers' children, to ensure the future of our children, our Merchant Marine, and our country

Mariners House is a mission reserved exclusively for the men and women who work at sea, including but not limited to merchant mariners, afloat military personnel, maritime institution affiliates, and other professional seafarers and their families.

All guests must show documented proof of active service or retired status after a full 20-year service in order to make reservations.”

The Society derives its funds solely from private endowments and contributors, and maintains an unpaid staff of twenty-five managers who meet monthly to oversee the operations and policies of the Mariners House.

The Boston Port and Seamen's Aid Society provides scholarships and grants to worthy individuals and agencies for purposes in keeping with its original mission statement.


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